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Online Dating, Online Video Chats / Saturday, May 16th, 2020

For some human beings, it’s difficult not to use their smartphones at least for several hours. Some of the psychologists even believe that such a behavior can become the reason for more serious issues with mental health. What’s more, they have no doubt if a particular person doesn’t start fighting with his obsession as soon as he understands that he has it, he will start suffering from an anxiety ot even a depression.

One of the ways to fight against such a terrible issue is to begin to use your smartphone for other purposes instead of simply watching some online videos and playing games. In this case, a lot of professionals recommend human beings who are suffering from such an essential issue is to find an online friend. To get along with a particular person, users can utilize their profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook. However, it’s also possible to exploit some online platforms developed specifically for such purposes. There’re dozens of website in this field. That’s why it can be quite complicated to find the right site which will definitely satisfy all of your needs. However, we have found a couple of platforms and ready to offer them to you.


This online platform was developed in 2005. The founders of Mobifriends were eager to create a website which would help users from Spain to meet their online friends and even partners for long-term relationships for free. However, this online service had a good-looking interface. That’s why it started to get more popular among people from other parts of the world. Moreover, in order to make this website accessible to those individuals who don’t speak Spanish, the owners of Mobifriends started to add other languages. So, today, you are allowed to translate this platform into English hand more.

In order to communicate via this website, you can utilize not only your computer but also your smartphone. In this case, the only thing you are required to do beforehand is to download the app from Google Play. This application isn’t available on the App Store. Nonetheless, its owners promise that soon it will appear for iPhones.


This platform doesn’t not has such a long-term history as a previous one. However, it’s still quite useful. With this application, you will be able to get access to a lot of features for communication for free. What’s more, you can personalize your profile in order to make a matching system if this app work even better.

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