What qualities do guys dislike?

Online Dating, Online Video Chats, relationship / Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

“What do guys like?” – That’s a question most girls have had since the sandbox. As we grow up, we begin to learn something about them, and by the time of the first dates we already have a clear list of what qualities should have the perfect (in terms of guys) girl. But we can easily prove that this list is nothing more than a list of stereotypes!

Skinny Girls

Looking at the slim Victoria’s Secret models defiling on the catwalk in stunning lingerie, the girls on the other side of the catwalk have no doubt: the guys only dream of such slim. But scientists are ready to disprove this assumption: a study conducted in 2010 showed that the body mass index did not have a significant impact on men’s assessment of female attractiveness. In other words, the size of the female waist is more concerned about the girls themselves than the guys!

Girls who like to spend time at home

We often think that guys prefer the cute ones – those who clap long eyelashes, spend evenings with Netflix and never get into trouble. However, a study conducted in 2014 made us look at that stereotype differently. It turned out that both men and women found it attractive when a man of the other sex fearlessly took a risk. So guys would be thrilled if they saw a girl daring to bungee jumping or, for example, juggling fire. Just please don’t do those tricks on your own.

Smart girls

“Good sense of humor” is the most common requirement for a potential partner. However, there is a small, but very important subtlety with regard to guys. They really like a good sense of humor, but actually do not want a girl to mix them up. They want her to laugh at their jokes. So the title “head comedian” guys are clearly not ready to share.

Big boobs

The more girls lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon, the more scientists sound the alarm. The fact is that such victims are completely in vain: it has long been proven that men prefer medium size breasts. Moreover, even zero size, they will always prefer silicone “melons”.


It is believed that as soon as the first signs of aging (such as gray hair or goose’s feet) appear, dating should be forgotten. They say that men only like those who are young and beautiful. Calm down: you have a million more chances to find your love, even when (if) you are completely gray. As the survey results show, men who were given birth by their mothers in adulthood react absolutely normally to age-related changes in female appearance.

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