Loves, but leaves: 3 reasons why men leave those they are really in love with

Online Dating, relationship / Friday, August 14th, 2020

It’s hard to accept that a man has left you with whom you have really experienced a great love. Was it? Why did it end? That’s the interesting part.

He doesn’t feel that you appreciate him

If you have ever been interested in male psychology (at least superficially) in your life, then you probably know that men do not just want to, they crave recognition. If they do not get it, their existence becomes meaningless, and the soul just dies. Okay, not everything is so dramatic, but if you’re serious, then never forget: the feeling of need is what keeps a man in his relationship with a woman. If he understands that you don’t appreciate him, then no matter how much he loves you, he’ll leave.

And this isn’t just about saying “thank you.” You must really, wholeheartedly appreciate everything he does for you, support his goals, ambitions and desires. Yeah, maybe you’ll be a little out of line, and you’ll feel like he’s just got nothing to praise for. But that’s a mistake – whatever the result, his original intentions were positive.

You’ve changed

Of course, when two hearts start beating in unison, life around them starts to change. You become related to each other, your relationship is more stable, but it does not mean that you can no longer try.

If your relationship is very different from how it started now, then it’s time to think. Maintaining the “memory of the past” allows you to keep the relationship sparkle, those special feelings that you felt when you first fell in love with each other. The brain will remember all those emotions when you just got to know each other, and accordingly fuel your interest in the partner in five, ten and twenty years.

It feels that you’re unhappy with him

It has to do with a man’s basic need to be needed.  Roughly speaking, the logic is that if you’re unhappy with him, then you don’t need him. So he’ll leave you, no matter how beautiful you are.

If, on the contrary, you appreciate everything he does for you, he starts to feel his own significance. Moreover, he begins to feel the need for development to be even better.  And that’s always a good sign.

On the other hand, do not expect that making you happy is his duty. Then it will be a substitution of notions.  Your feelings are your feelings. His own task, from his point of view, is to contribute to make his presence or any action meaningful to you in the most positive sense.

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