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Online Dating, Online Video Chats / Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Dating is not that easy. You have to take a perfect photo and somehow deal with a bunch of matches that you never talked to. Or worse, the ones who don’t answer your messages. Online dating’s already boring a lot. Eternal comparisons with others, meaningless connections, disregard for identity and predictable results. All this can make us feel like we’re not good enough. Maybe you’ve already had occasion to think that online dating is just not for you. It’s a free dating application designed to save the online dating world from boredom. Let dating become something fun and enjoyable again.

The main things about the app

The JOYRIDE Dating application for single people is positioned as a quick way to go on a date without obligation. At the same time, the service administrators themselves claim that their product is intended for polygamous people who are not looking for a serious relationship, love or partners to create a family. The program allows you to find a partner to date, and immediately after the next meeting with others.


  • After installing the program and initial registration, you will be granted VIP access for seven days. This means that during the week you can use unlimited functionality and enjoy a romantic rendezvous with beautiful people;
  • Immediately after the first login, you will be contacted by a personal flirting advisor who will help you communicate with the opposite sex and tell you some secrets of seduction;
  • It is based on the information in your profile that the automatic pairing process is carried out, which analyzes your views and interests, selecting the same user as you to exclude the process of adaptation and immediately move on to communication and meetings.

Despite its specific purpose, dating is used by hundreds of thousands of users. So if you have set yourself the goal of finding someone to spend the evening in a good company, then this service will help to achieve this goal.

It’s a pure pleasure to use the application. To find a partner you only need to spend a few minutes. And after that, you can have a nice chat in anticipation of the future rendezvous. The service interface allows you to quickly use the necessary functions, and always be in touch with your friends. For this you need a WI-FI signal or mobile Internet.

You can download free dating JOYRIDE to your phone using the Google Play store. Developers regularly release updates for their product, adding new features and multimedia objects.

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