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Everyone craves that one-and-only person who is equally happy nestled next to you on a couch. You might find yourself checking out traditional dating destinations if you are searching for the Catwoman to your perfect Batman or Gwen Stacy to your Peter Parker. Although, most dating venues cater to all types of bachelor, when you are into the science-fiction and fantasy world, it may be overwhelming to find a partner who will indulge in your interests. Here is when Geek2Geek comes to solve your problems. It is an earthly haven for self-proclaimed nerds to find out their true love.

How the site was developed

Geek2Geek has proclaimed itself the ultimate stage on the web to meet geeks. Its member base comprises over 200,000 members with about 6000 newbies each month. Launched in 2004, they claim to be the top geek community and destination for the Star Wars and Star Trek as well as cosplay community. Its main aim is to break barriers and guide you to romance. Although they have never shown the numbers, the overall number of avid users is quite impressive for this niche. The concept is genius in its simplicity. The idea of finding a like-minded individual may seem like a no-brainer, but Geek2Geek takes it to a whole new level. This dating platform has gained popularity mainly because it has built a unique geek community that makes your dating experience hassle-free.

Usability of the platform

If you are new to the service, the design may seem unpretentious to you. Indeed, compared with other modern dating locales, the design doesn’t meet the standards. However, a simple design is a minor blemish since the site makes up for it by offering tons of free and useful  features. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly; that is why you won’t browse through countless pages searching for the function you need.

Being portable is the main requirement to a modern Internet universe. Unfortunately, Geek2Geek fails to fit the bill, as there is no application for the platform. Yet, you can enjoy a mobile-friendly portable version that retains all features and allows you to navigate the site on the go. Moreover, the sign up process is quite quick, yet profound, which helps the matching system do its best.

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