BlackPlanet Review: Dating for African-Americans

Online Dating, Online Video Chats / Saturday, January 30th, 2021

BlackPlanet is free for African-Americans to chat, make love, and find each other. You can enjoy a particular  person and talk as much as you both wish, or you may become a part of a dialogue between many people. Do not waste your time, money, and energy, trying to make your life more exciting  and full. Join one of the biggest communities for African-American.

None of the dating websites that you have ever seen can offer you a job. Nonetheless, Blackplanet can! This is totally insane in a good way. This service is more like a family to its members because it’s always with you and supports you. You can finally have someone special to rely on.

The idea of the site belongs to Omar Wasow, and this platform was first introduced to people in 2001. Seven years later, in 2008, the platform was bought by Radio One for $39 million. This  sum is incredibly large even these days. So, Radio One became an owner of Blackplanet and started a great PR company to chase new clients, especially African-American people because they had no online dating services, back to times. The number of users exceeded 20 million when the site was sold.

Today, its community consists of folks from different cultures, ethnic layers, and age ranges, but still remains the biggest community of black people in the world. The number of female users is slightly bigger than the number of male accounts here, and women are a bit more active. They always post something new, comment, and update their status. The community is rather young because the range of the average age hovers for the majority of users from 18 to 34. It has grown very fast from a small website to the industry giant. Various services, great support, and exciting content — you can find everything here.

Interface of the platform

Concerning the design and the interface, it has to be said that they need some updates, to be honest. Although BlackPlanet still offers excellent  functionality, everything looks quite old, which scares off many new customers today. It’s pretty essential to follow modern trends today because the first impression means a lot. The main page contains some kind of newsfeed with different articles and posts, the most popular posts and users, and the sign-in button.

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